Top cyber threats you should really worry about

Viruses used to be quite primitive in the past, and antiviruses that had a 100% detection rate were quite a few. Things have changed for the (much) worse, as hackers discover and implement new methods that virtually shatter our computers' cyber defense shields.

Last year, the bad guys managed to get the Social Security numbers and other personal information for almost half of the U.S. population. More threats are coming, for example ransomware that attacks cloud service providers, which may store important data for thousands of companies, and are thus much more willing to pay the ransom money.

Spear phishing makes use of AI systems that gather as much information about the victim as possible, and then creates a customized, credible email message which also includes a link that, when clicked, will infect the victims' computers. More info.

The CPU scare: what you need to know

Did you know that pretty much any computer in the world is now vulnerable to cyber attacks? Researchers have recently discovered that most microchips have a flawed architecture, which could allow third parties to get access to the data that is stored in your computer's memory. Yes, your credit card data may be exposed this way.

While there isn't any evidence that this vulnerability has been exploited yet, it's quite clear that hackers will try to make use of it. Fortunately, Microsoft, Apple and Linux have already released patches that fix the problem. More info.

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Breaking news
Apple will soon release a "breakthrough wireless speaker", which is supposed to provide an incredible listening experience.
It works in conjunction with an Apple Music subscription, and uses your voice to search and find the desired music tracks, read the news, get the weather details, and more.
I like this idea a lot, but I wonder whether the 7-inch tall speaker will have enough bass to please every person. I assume that due to its seven tweeters, high frequency reproduction isn't going to be a problem. More info.
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